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SICCAS-Sony Joint Laboratory is set up formally

Shanghai Institute of Ceramics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (SICCAS) and Sony Corporation have opened a joint laboratory, namely SICCAS-Sony Joint Laboratory, in Shanghai on April 20th, 2007, to work on energy related technological research and development. Adding this latest initiative of research and development activities conducted in China to existing research and development activities, Sony will strive for scientific and technological innovations in China for the company¡¯s future growth.

As a truly localized global company, Sony Corporation and its subsidiary companies have always been aiming to participate to the Chinese society in many different ways through its operation in China, and for Sony, technology-leading innovative company of AV and IT industry, research and development (R&D) is no doubt one of the most important areas of such participation.
Back in November, 2004, Sony made the very first step of the R&D activities in China, which was the agreement on the MOU between Chinese Academy of Sciences and Sony Corporation. On November 4th, 2004, Nobuyuki Idei, former Chairman and CEO, Sony Corporation, and Mr. Li Jinghai, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Sciences, have signed on the MOU together pledging the collaboration in the areas of information technology, network, communications, materials, bio technology and electronics. Since then, Sony has gradually started to seek collaborative R&D opportunities with excellent research organizations in China. As initial examples of such collaborative R&D activities, Sony has started R&D projects with Tsinghua University and BUPT from 2006. With Tsinghua University, Sony has been working on intellectual information processing technologies as well as recognition technologies, and with BUPT, Sony is working on information security related technologies.

As a part of Sony¡¯s efforts to localize as many business functions from other overseas locations such as Japan, and in late 2006, Sony (China) Limited has launched a division dedicated for R&D activities in Beijing, namely Sony China Research Laboratory. This Sony China Research Laboratory is led by Akira Iga, He is Senior Vice President and Information Technologies Laboratories President of Sony Corporation, Chief Technology Officer of Sony (China) Limited. Sony China Research Laboratory will focus on R&D activities which leads Sony to maintain the leading position in the industry midst the current and future network era, and the basic principle of those activities is to openly collaborate with excellent research organizations in China, and to share the outcome of joint research and development programs with partners for the mutual benefit. Through conducting R&D activities in China, Sony is committed to contribute to the scientific and technological advancements in China on a long-term basis.

And, as aforementioned, the latest example of Sony¡¯s R&D activities in China is the establishment of SICCAS-Sony Joint Laboratory in Shanghai, opened on April 20th, 2007. Recently, SICCAS and Sony have agreed on a joint research agreement in the fields of key materials and devices for next generation solar cell, with higher energy efficiency and lower production cost, and SICCAS and Sony will jointly work on R&D of technologies relating to a next generation solar cell at the joint laboratory. As the public interest in environmental conservation and shortage of natural resources rises, the expectation on green energy sources becomes higher, and in this field, solar cell can be one effective solution.

¡°Our mission of R&D activities in China is to promote collaborations with Chinese universities and research institutions in conducting R&D activities which are in line with the trends of standardization in China, in order for Sony to create ¡°Sony-like¡± products which Chinese consumers will love¡±, said Akira Iga.

And also, Shizuo Takashino, Sony Group China Representative, Sony Corporation, and Chairman of Sony (China) Limited, reaffirms the company¡¯s commitment on the innovative activities in China that; R&D is an important source of Sony¡¯s future innovations and we highly look to China¡¯s world class human resources in R&D field. In addition to the other operations in which Sony China has longer experiences, namely product planning, design and engineering, sale and marketing and after-sales service, Sony China will enhance R&D activities in China, so that we can build up firmer base for future innovations originated in China.

Sony will continue to pursue the enhancement of its R&D activities in China so that it can build up mutually beneficial relationships with the Chinese industries and academia towards the next phase of company¡¯s localization.