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Sony China Research Lab
Established in 2005 as Sony¡¯s first research lab in China, Sony China Research Lab (SCRL) has been an important part of Sony¡¯s worldwide network of R&D centers, and is closely working with local universities, institutes, companies and government etc.

The vision of Sony China Research Lab is: Through R&D activity with integrity, we contribute to be the company which is respected and loved by Chinese government and people.

The mission of Sony China Research Lab is: Setting up eco-system collaborations with Chinese government, academia and industry, drive China local existing technology development and innovate in new R&D field through platform and technology's innovation.

Currently Sony China Research Laboratory is building up an effectively open cooperative relationship with the top-ranking universities and research institutes in China and sharing the research achievements based on favorable cooperative relationship and mutual benefits. Sony promises that it will contribute more to Chinese technology development and improvement by expanding cooperative research activities in a long term.


Tadafusa Tomitaka, Head of Sony China Research Laboratory
                                      Vice President of Sony(China)Limited
Gathering world level outstanding local talents, Sony China Research Lab, will further enhance our research and development and will design high value-added products that fit the needs of Chinese consumers and contribute to Sony 's future sustainable development of innovation.

Sony China Research Lab will persist in the principle of "innovation, cooperation, sharing and growth" , continue to deepen the scientific research with Chinese Research institutions and universities and devote to promote Chinese IT industry development and technology innovation.